Medical and Healthcare Equipment Calibration Services

QTC understands that keeping medical equipment and devices in top-notch condition is crucial for supporting excellent patient health and meeting strict medical industry requirements for healthcare technology management departments in hospitals and medical centers across the nation. That’s why we work to ensure your devices are in excellent condition and consistently produce accurate results and readings. We provide:

  • Medical Equipment Calibration. Ensure your equipment produces accurate results and meets industry standards.
  • Medical Gage Management. Count on us to manage and schedule organization, inventory and inspection of products, equipment, records and gages for your medical department. We will keep you on track to maintain an effective business and pass any relevant inspections despite changeover within your company.

How often does your medical equipment require calibration?

If you aren’t sure when your medical equipment needs to be serviced, here are a list of guidelines that might help. Consider the following:

  • When the manufacturer recommends. Typically, manufacturers specify how often medical equipment should be calibrated. However, be sure to also consider frequency of use and other factors when making this decision.
  • After trauma to the equipment. Accidents happen. For example, if a piece of equipment is dropped, it may look fine, but you should ensure it still takes accurate measurements.
  • Before and after an important project. If you plan to use your medical equipment for a crucial project, you will want to take special care to ensure your medical equipment is working before you begin. Calibrating the equipment after the project helps confirm the accuracy of project measurements and ensure the device is ready for future use.
  • At scheduled times based on use. Manufacturer recommendations typically don’t take into account frequency of usage. Your medical devices may require calibration every year or twice per year, for example. If you aren’t sure how often to calibrate your medical devices, contact QTC, and one of our industry experts will assist you.

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